APTN Terms of Trade Agreement Signed

The Alliance of Aboriginal Media Professionals (AAMP) has successfully negotiated a Terms of Trade Agreement with Canadian broadcaster APTN. Representatives from AAMP and APTN negotiated the agreement following AAMP’s consultation with Aboriginal producers from across Canada in 2013. Four AAMP directors were part of the Terms of Trade negotiating team — Greg Coyes, Jason Brennan, Ralph Brown and Barbara Hager.

The Agreement, which has been filed with the CRTC, stipulates that APTN will license all of its original programming from companies that are majority owned by First Nations, Metis and Inuit producers. Programming licensed to APTN will require Aboriginal people to hold two of three key roles – producer, director and writer.

The AAMP board of directors voted unanimously to approve the APTN Terms of Trade Agreement. AAMP’s voting members (producers in good standing) were given the opportunity to review the agreement and comment before it was finalized.

The signed Agreement is available here:

APTN Terms of Trade Agreement Signed


AAMP Update

AAMP would like to welcome our newest board member, Michelle St. John. Michelle is an accomplished actor and director and currently resides in Toronto. She will represent the craft/technical/creative members of AAMP.

AAMP is planning a producers’ summit in Toronto October 21-22, 2014. The conference, open to all AAMP members, will take place on the two days prior to ImagineNATIVE Film + Media Festival. We have received word from the Canada Media Fund that they will support the summit with funding, and we’re currently contacting other agencies and broadcasters to sponsor the event.

AAMP recently sent an acknowledgement letter to Christine Wilson, who resigned in April from her position as Executive Director of Content at CBC. Christine has been a good friend to AAMP and we will miss her support.

APTN is hosting the 2014 World Indigenous Television Broadcasters Network conference in Winnipeg from June 19 – 23. Several AAMP members have been invited to be on panels. If you would like to register for the conference, go to http://witbc2014.com/. AAMP and APTN are co-sponsoring a reception for our members and executives from the various Indigenous broadcast companies. The by-invitation reception will take place on Thursday, June 19 1t 5:00 p.m. All AAMP members are welcome to attend.

The deadline for paying your 2014 AAMP membership fees has passed. But don’t fret, we will still accept your 2014 membership fees. If you haven’t already done so, please send your payment to the address below as soon as possible. Membership fees are $100 for producers and $50 for those in the technical, craft and creative fields.

Alliance of Aboriginal Media Professionals
1321 Blanshard St. #301
Victoria, BC V8W 0B6

AAMP has been in negotiations for the past year with APTN on a Terms of Trade Agreement. Negotiations are now completed and we will be circulating the draft agreement to all voting members (producers) in the next month or so. If you are a voting member in good standing, you will be sent the agreement for review. After our members ratify the agreement, it will go into effect upon signing.

The CMF’s Aboriginal Language funding for pre-development now requires a letter of interest from a broadcaster. There’s also a two development project limit per company in this envelope. To read about all the new guideline changes to the ALP go to http://www.cmf-fmc.ca/documents/files/programs/2014-15/guidelines/2014-15_aboriginal_guidelines.pdf

We are looking for an Eastern Arctic board member. For more information contact the AAMP board at aampcanada@gmail.com.

Have a great May.

AAMP 2014 Membership Fees

Hello AAMP Members.

The Alliance of Aboriginal Media Professionals will be celebrating its first year as a not-for-profit organization this month. A lot has happened over the past year. We held our first AGM and elections in October in Toronto, started negotiations on a Terms of Trade Agreement with APTN on behalf of Aboriginal producers, and met with a number of agencies and broadcasters. 
As we enter our second year, AAMP members should feel proud that we’ve come together as a group of professionals that are now recognized by government agencies and broadcasters as the voice of our production community. 
One of the resolutions passed at the AGM in October, 2013 was to establish AAMP membership dues for 2014. Most professional associations require members to pay an annual fee to help cover the costs of running the organization. Your fees will be used to cover expenses such as administration overhead, incorporation fees, research and advocacy. We also plan to seek donations from corporations and government agencies to carry out initiatives on behalf of our members.
The fees that were agreed upon at the AGM are $100 for Producers (Voting) and $50 for Craft Professionals and Students (Non-Voting) members. The definition of a producer is someone who has had at least one producing credit on a television or feature film project, or received CMF or Telefilm funding for a project. Craft professionals includes directors, writers, actors, camera operators, editors, sound technicians, set designers, production manager and any other non-producer roles in the television, film or digital media industries.
In 2014, AAMP will continue to lobby broadcasters and government agencies for an equitable share of opportunities and funding for Aboriginal producers in Canada. 
Other goals for 2014 include:
– Develop a directory of AAMP’s members.
– Hold an Aboriginal producers summit to discuss the future of Aboriginal film, television and digital media production in Canada.
– Finalize negotiations on the APTN Terms of Trade Agreement.
– Advise NSI on its planned Aboriginal Producer Training Program.
– Develop international marketing initiatives for our members.
– Develop promotional material (demo reel and brochure) to promote our members at industry events.
– Provide networking opportunities for our members at markets and conferences.
Thanks for your continued support.
AAMP Board of Directors
Jason Brennan, Ralph Brown, Charles Clement, Greg Coyes, Barbara Hager, Amos Scott, Hank White

Annual General Meeting Report

The Alliance of Aboriginal Media Professionals held its first Annual General Meeting on October 16th in Toronto. We’d like to thank the members who attended the meeting in person or by phone.

AAMP’s interim board of directors was made up of members who volunteered to serve during the first eight months of AAMP’s existence. The new AAMP board is made up of five members from the interim board — Jason Brennan, Greg Coyes, Ralph Brown, Amos Scott and Barbara Hager — and a new director, Charles Clement. Many thanks to Tina Keeper for serving on the interim board. We still need a director from Nunavut and the Maritime provinces and a representative of the associate members (creative, craft and technical members). If you are interested in being considered for one of these three positions, please contact the board of directors via email by November 15, 2013.

In order to cover the costs of operating a not-for-profit organization, it was necessary to establish annual membership fees (which will become due on January 1, 2014). The annual fees — $100 for voting members and $50 for associate members — are reasonable for a professional association. We will also begin fundraising for special initiatives. We appreciate the contributions that our members make to the organization — as volunteers and through membership fees. This support ensures that we can continue providing advocacy support and communication services for our members.

AAMP ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING                                                                                                     October 16, 2013


By-Laws: Standard Canadian non-profit by-laws adopted

Board of Directors: Minimum of 5 and maximum of 9 members

Membership Categories: 

• Voting Members – Inuit, Metis or First Nations producer with at least one production receiving CMF, Telefilm funding or with a broadcast license or distribution deal.

• Associate Members (Non-Voting) – Inuit, Metis or First Nations film, television or digital media professional other than a producer (crafts, writers, directors, students, technicians).

Membership Fees: 

Voting Members – $100 per year

Associate Members/Students/Emerging – $50 per year

Friends of AAMP: Broadcaster and Funding Agencies – $1,000 per yea

Board of Directors Composition:

The 9-member board will be made up of members that represent the following regions:

BC/Alberta – 2 positions

Saskatchewan/Manitoba – 1 position

Nunavut – 1 position

NWT/Yukon – 1 position

Quebec – 1

Ontario – 1

Maritimes – 1

Representative of the Associate (non-voting) members – 1

Term for Board Members:

Board terms are two (2) years. A member is limited to three consecutive two-year terms.

Mission Statement:

The Alliance of Aboriginal Media Professionals (AAMP) is an association of Canadian First Nations, Inuit and Metis producers, directors, writers and other professionals who work in the television, film and digital media industries. AAMP advocates on behalf of its members for an equitable share of funding from government agencies and access to Canadian audiences for Aboriginal-produced and owned content.

Canada Media Fund to Hold Aboriginal Consultation Meeting

The Canada Media Fund has agreed to the Alliance’s request that an Aboriginal roundtable be added to their 18-city tour this fall. The CMF is consulting with stakeholders on what they’d like to see in CMF programming and guidelines for the next two years. Please mark your calendar for Thursday, September 26 from 1-3 p.m. PST. The meeting will be at the Hyatt Hotel in Vancouver and producers across Canada can join through teleconferencing. More details to come.

NOTICE of Annual General Meeting – October 16, 2013

Annual General Meeting
Alliance of Aboriginal Media Professionals
Wednesday, October 16, 2013
1:00 pm EDT
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Annual General Meeting of members of the Alliance of Aboriginal Media Professionals will be held on Wednesday, October 16, 2013 at 401 Richmond St. West, 4th floor boardroom, Toronto, Ontario at 1:00 p.m. EDT for the following purposes:
1. Reports presented by the board of directors.
2. Financial statement.
3. Appointment of auditor of AAMP.
4. Nominations and elections of the directors of the corporation.
5. Approval of the by-laws of the corporation.
6. To transact other business as may be necessary.
All members are invited to attend in person or by teleconference to have their voices heard at this important meeting.
Please RSVP if you will be attending in person. Information on attending and voting via teleconference will be provided by email to members.
Dated on the 15th day of September 2013 by order of the Board of Directors.
Jason Brennan, Ralph Brown, Greg Coyes, Tina Keeper, Barbara Hager and Amos Scott, Directors.
For information please contact AAMP at aampcanada@gmail.com.