APTN Terms of Trade Agreement Signed

The Alliance of Aboriginal Media Professionals (AAMP) has successfully negotiated a Terms of Trade Agreement with Canadian broadcaster APTN. Representatives from AAMP and APTN negotiated the agreement following AAMP’s consultation with Aboriginal producers from across Canada in 2013. Four AAMP directors were part of the Terms of Trade negotiating team — Greg Coyes, Jason Brennan, Ralph Brown and Barbara Hager.

The Agreement, which has been filed with the CRTC, stipulates that APTN will license all of its original programming from companies that are majority owned by First Nations, Metis and Inuit producers. Programming licensed to APTN will require Aboriginal people to hold two of three key roles – producer, director and writer.

The AAMP board of directors voted unanimously to approve the APTN Terms of Trade Agreement. AAMP’s voting members (producers in good standing) were given the opportunity to review the agreement and comment before it was finalized.

The signed Agreement is available here:

APTN Terms of Trade Agreement Signed