AAMP 2014 Membership Fees

Hello AAMP Members.

The Alliance of Aboriginal Media Professionals will be celebrating its first year as a not-for-profit organization this month. A lot has happened over the past year. We held our first AGM and elections in October in Toronto, started negotiations on a Terms of Trade Agreement with APTN on behalf of Aboriginal producers, and met with a number of agencies and broadcasters. 
As we enter our second year, AAMP members should feel proud that we’ve come together as a group of professionals that are now recognized by government agencies and broadcasters as the voice of our production community. 
One of the resolutions passed at the AGM in October, 2013 was to establish AAMP membership dues for 2014. Most professional associations require members to pay an annual fee to help cover the costs of running the organization. Your fees will be used to cover expenses such as administration overhead, incorporation fees, research and advocacy. We also plan to seek donations from corporations and government agencies to carry out initiatives on behalf of our members.
The fees that were agreed upon at the AGM are $100 for Producers (Voting) and $50 for Craft Professionals and Students (Non-Voting) members. The definition of a producer is someone who has had at least one producing credit on a television or feature film project, or received CMF or Telefilm funding for a project. Craft professionals includes directors, writers, actors, camera operators, editors, sound technicians, set designers, production manager and any other non-producer roles in the television, film or digital media industries.
In 2014, AAMP will continue to lobby broadcasters and government agencies for an equitable share of opportunities and funding for Aboriginal producers in Canada. 
Other goals for 2014 include:
– Develop a directory of AAMP’s members.
– Hold an Aboriginal producers summit to discuss the future of Aboriginal film, television and digital media production in Canada.
– Finalize negotiations on the APTN Terms of Trade Agreement.
– Advise NSI on its planned Aboriginal Producer Training Program.
– Develop international marketing initiatives for our members.
– Develop promotional material (demo reel and brochure) to promote our members at industry events.
– Provide networking opportunities for our members at markets and conferences.
Thanks for your continued support.
AAMP Board of Directors
Jason Brennan, Ralph Brown, Charles Clement, Greg Coyes, Barbara Hager, Amos Scott, Hank White

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